Nile for React - Design System for Web Apps

Nile Dashboard for React

Extensive design system with modular components to design or develop your next dashboard.

Customized Libraries
Predefined Styles
2 Themes
Light & Dark Ready

What you can do with Nile Dashboard?

Whether you’re building a Customer or Admin dashboards, you’ll need a ready-to-go framework that is designed and developed specifically for any dashboard type which allows you to build custom content tailored to your needs.

Create React App
Configuration Override

With CRACO, Get all the benefits of create-react-app and customization without using 'eject' by adding a single craco.config.js file at the root of your application and customize your eslint, babel, postcss configurations and many more.


We provide extensive online documentation built using Nile Dashboard which you can use to demonstrate components and elements with example codes.

React Documentation
More Features

Built By React Bootstrap

Beautiful and consistent UI Built on top of the most popular front-end framework using Bootstrap v5.

Full Style Customization
Clean & Descriptive Code
Continuous Updates
Premium Support
Light & Dark

Light and Dark themes are available, you can either choose each of them or both with the theme switch feature from your dashboard.

Flexible Structure

The Nile Dashboard React version gives you the ability to set different layouts for different routes.

Reusable Components

Beside React Bootstrap components and our components, we have included the most popular libraries.

Multiple Themes

A very sophisticated theming engine that enables you to switch between existing themes or to create your own.

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Nile Dashboard for React
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