Nile for React - Design System for Web Apps

Nile Dashboard for Figma

Extensive design system with modular components to design or develop your next dashboard.

Prebuilt Screens
Predefined Styles
2 Themes
Light & Dark available
Made Specifically for Startups

You’re buying 640 hours, You’re saving more than $20K USD.

We've designed as many as possible of use cases to make sure that we deliver as much as possible of your needs with a high quality user-experience in mind to make sure that you’ll deliver a reliable dashboard to your audience.

We have also crafted each component to deliver better user-experience, we did that by researching industry-leading enterprise standards and we built components and layouts that grants the demands of these enterprises.

Real UX, Logical flow
for real work.

Create Product flow
Chat app flow
Add/Edit Credit Card flow
Subscription flow
Create customer flow
Create ticket flow
Settings flow
Upload files flow
Create campaign flow
Invoice flow
Create topic flow
Create/invite team flow
Create/invite member flow
+ More

What you can do with Nile Dashboard?

Nile Dashboard is reliable, and scalable. it’s not just an extensive design system, its also including 4 of the most popular showcases so you don’t need to build up your project from scratch, but you will have the ability to reuse existing components, pages, layouts, structures, and the flows as well.

Figma preview
eCommerce Management
34 Screen
File Manager
20 Screen
Support Center
15 Screen
Subscription panel
25 Screen
Figma Features

Build even faster and easier.

Figma empowered Nile Dashboard to deliver a truly customizable design system, with all components supporting Auto Layout and Combined Components so that you can easily make your Dashboard truly yours with countless variants available.

Global Color System
Free Typography System
Well Organized
Dark mode

Powerful coloring system, that is available in both, light and dark modes for easy theming.

Auto layout ready

Enjoy flexibility for all components without worrying about resizing parts of the component.

Variants ready

With combined components you have tons of variants that allow you to customize the components.

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Nile Dashboard for Figma
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