Learn how to install and get started with Nile Dashboard


Installing and using Nile Dashboard is very easy, but before getting started with Nile Dashboard, you will need the following prerequisites:

  • Node.JS version 10.04 or later, you can install NodeJS from their official website.
  • NPM or Yarn based on your choice.


Nile Dashboard uses Frontal.JS to manage the development and build process, in a nut shell, frontal.js is built with Webpack and makes HTML development a breath and is packed with dozens of features, from automatic bundle injection to CSS HMR and auto-reload.

From your machine's command line, install frontal.js globally via NPM:

$ npm install -g frontal.js
If you encounter the unable to resolve dependency tree error, try rerunning your npm install command with this flag --legacy-peer-deps. Learn why.

Or with the following, if you are using Yarn:

$ yarn global add frontal.js

Ensure frontal.js is installed successfully by running the following command

$ frontal --version
frontal.js is open sourced and developed by the team, if you encounter any problems during installation or the usage of frontal.js, please don't hesitate to submit your issue with your environment information and console output.


The purchased package should include a directory named starter, take a copy of this directory, rename it with your project name.

From within your newly renamed project directory, where package.json is located, run the following command to install required dependencies for Nile Dashboard:

$ npm install

Or if you are using Yarn:

$ yarn

Start Development

Once dependencies are successfully installed, run the following command to start the development server

$ npm run start

Or if you are using Yarn:

$ yarn start
If you encounter any troubles of any kind during the installation process, contact us and we will get back to you and help guide you during the process.

Next Up

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