Directory Structure
Understand the directory structure of the Nile Dashboard package.

After purchasing your own copy of Nile Dashboard HTML, you will own the package, once extracted, the base directory includes the following:

  • folder nile-dashboard-html
    • folder showcases
    • folder starter 1
      • folder .frontal
      • folder library 2
        • folder components 3
        • folder sass 3
        • folder extend 4
        • folder svgs
      • folder assets
        • folder js
        • folder style
        • folder images
      • folder pages 5
        • folder .partials
      • folder public
  • 1 to get started, you should make a copy of the starter directory, rename it with your project name and leave the starter directory as is for later reuse.
  • 2 the library directory is the core of Nile Dashboard and should mostly be left untouched.
  • 3 core directories should not be touched unless you know what you are doing.
  • 4 .scss files within the extend directory should not be deleted as it would crash the build, only modify them when wanting to extend the design system.
  • 5 .html pages within the `pages` directory will have javascript and stylesheets auto injected via Frontal.JS.

Next Up

Learn how to use the starter package to make a fresh installation of Nile Dashboard.
Learn how to customize your bundle and enable certain components for all or some pages.