Nile Dashboard

HTML Version

The highly optimized, configurable and reimagined dashboard

Showcases built with nile dashboard

Store Management

Available in light & dark

Modern Development Workflow

The most modern, unique and reimagined development stack ever in an HTML product, created from scratch for Nile Dashboard.

Bootstrap 5

Highly Configurable

Because Nile Dashboard is using frontal.js, you are empowered to easily customize your final bundle and to selectively enable components for some or all your pages.

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module.exports = {
  bundles: {
    main: {
      components: {
        button: true

Custom Layouts

The smart Layout component offers +12 different layouts to choose from or simply build your own using our layout builder.

Side Navigations Fully Responsive

Full Style Customization

The Nile Dashboard HTML version implements a very sophisticated theming system that enables customizing every aspect of the entire dashboard, making it truly yours.

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Nile Dashboard leverages the modern Sass modules feature making your bundle and components highly customizable.


Nile Dashboard implements a very sophisticated theming engine that enables you to switch between existing themes or to create your own.

Light & Dark

Light and Dark themes are available, you can either choose each of them or both with the theme switch feature from your dashboard.

Supports wide range of libraries

Nile Dashboard supports the top javascript libraries in the market, each library is fully customizable using Sass variables and is available in light and dark modes.

Quill Editor Dropzone Datatable.js Chart.JS Tagify Select2 DateRangePicker Full Calendar Timepicker NoUISlider JQVMap Leaflet Tippy Uppy Flatpickr Typeahead FilePond Auto Size

More features

Powerful Documentation

Guides for every aspect and a builder for every component to quickly copy the code and save your time.

Long-term Support

Upon your purchase, you will get a 90-days technical support, reach out and we will gladly help.

Clean & Descriptive Code

Nile Dashboard directory structure and source code are clean and very well organized.

Built-in Diverse Web Apps

Your purchased package will include 4 pre-built showcases for your reference on how to get the most out of Nile Dashboard.

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