Nile Dashboard

An extensive design system with modular components

Build Anything...

Nile Dashboard comes with pre-built web apps you canuse to kick-off your project, or simply, create your own.

Store Management

Available Demos

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Core Features

Extensive design system

Nile Dashboard is systematized to the core, from the grid, spacing, typography, coloring all the way to components and layouts.

Modular Components

Nile Dashboard is an atomic design system, with modular components that are highly unique and yet, deeply integrated within the system.

Light & dark ready

Nile Dashboard uses a simple yet powerful coloring system, that is available in both, light and dark modes for easy theming.

A plan for every use-case


Commercial license

  • Global Styling
  • Light and Dark
  • Auto Layout
  • Combined Components
  • Variant Components

Commercial license

  • Bootstrap v5
  • Light and Dark
  • Extendable with Sass
  • Fully Responsive
  • Clean & Descriptive Code

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