The modern HTML development framework for your next static website or HTML product

Frontal.JS is packed with all the modern development tools you are looking forward in an HTML project without wasting time on configuring build or development tools.


Zero Config

No configuration required in order to get started.

Fast Refresh

Fast and reliable HMR and Page Refresh during development.

Smart Bundling

Frontal automatically splits your bundles for better caching.

Auto Bundle injection

Frontal automatically injects your JS and CSS bundles within your HTML pages.

Linting Support

Optionally enable support for ESLint and Stylelint.

PostCSS Support

Frontal automatically supports PostCSS with autoprefixer enabled.

Babel Support

Write your Javascript in ES16 and Frontal will compile automatically with Babel.

TypeScript Support

Create a `tsconfig.json` in your project's root directory to enable TypeScript.

Style Support

Out of the box support for `Sass` and `Less`.

Assets Optimization

`$ frontal build` optimizes your assets for production automatically.


Frontal automatically removes all unused CSS for optimal performance.

HTML Minification

Frontal will minify your HTML pages for production.

Open sourced by the team using the MIT licence.

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